Sermons by Cameron O'Daniel

Sermons by Cameron O'Daniel


IDENTIFYING JESUS MATTHEW 17:1-8 What does the account of the transfiguration on the mountain reveal about His identity? Listen as Cameron O’Daniel leads us into taking a deeper look at this passage’s implications and their impact on our lives. Cameron O’DAniel


RIGHTEOUSNESS REVEALED ROMANS 3:21-22 The Bible teaches that God’s wrath is coming against all sin and unrighteousness. Sin has leveled the playing field of life. Each of us is on the same footing – we all have the same condition – all have sinned, and our sin separates us from God. Yet, all hope is not lost. Cameron O’Daniel, Minister to Students, shares the big reveal in the New Testament and what this can mean to us.


A NECESSARY REMINDER ISAIAH 66:1-2 Deuteronomy 6:12 reminds us that we need to take care lest we forget the Lord. While we all need reminders about various things, one would think we would not forget someone as important as God! Yet how often do we respond to situations or do things without thinking about God? Perhaps by seeking our own goals, relying on our own strength, and doing what we think is best based on our opinion and understanding? Today,…


A CALL TO HOLINESS 1 PETER 1:13-16 Today we are entering Holy Week, or Passover Week leading up to Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Not only is God holy, but he calls us to be holy. Matthew Henry has said, “Holiness is the desire and duty of Christian.” What does it mean for the believer? Cameron O’Daniel, Minister to Students, answers this with practical teaching from 1 Peter 1:13-16.