Sermons on Philippians

Sermons on Philippians


MAKING YOUR FINANCE BLESS RATHER THAN STRESS PHILIPPIANS 4:10-20 Financial stress dominates most homes and businesses. Allegedly, the average American toils at work from January 1 to May 1 to pay his taxes to the IRS. Interest rates are rising, and inflation is soaring. Today, our focus is on Paul’s cure for financial stress. In this passage, Paul was in prison in Rome. He had learned what to do when in dire financial circumstances. Paul’s ability to be free from…

Press On

Press On PHILIPPIANS 3:12-14 Are you limping around mentally or spiritually today? Rev. Cameron O’Daniel, Minister to Students, brings a timely message from God’s Word to help you move on into the New Year with focus and purpose.


CITIZENS OF HEAVEN At this time of year, we celebrate our national freedom and remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. As American citizens, we owe our fellow countrymen who are serving, have served, and those who have fallen on the battlefield for the privilege of freedom. Never forget. Never take that for granted. Yet an even greater joy, honor, and privilege is the measure of TRUE FREEDOM found only in Jesus Christ. Ultimately, as…


Trophies Speak for Themselves Philippians 1 Preacher: Dr. Mikey Mewborn, Associate Dean of The College at Mid-America, Director of Campus Life Dr. Mikey Mewborn currently serves as the Associate Dean of The College at Mid-America as well as the Director of Campus Life. He is married to his beautiful wife, Dr. Emily Mewborn. They are the proud parents of John “Wesley” Mewborn. Previously, Dr. Mewborn has ministered at several churches, including Davis Islands Baptist Church (Tampa, Florida), Bellevue Baptist Church…

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Philippians 3:7-14 Ronald Amaya Roy Fish Wiersbe New Testament Commentary David Jeremiah Mark Denver Eugene Parker Holman New Testament Commentary Jim Blevins Sermon Seeds The Outline Bible Sugar Hill Baptist Church Ernie Arnold Content for the sermon has been researched from many different sources. It is important that I attempt to acknowledge these sources whenever possible.

Dreams Shattered…Lessons Learned

Philippians 4:6-7 Our Guest Speaker today is Rev. Mark McKinney. Mark has served in various ministry positions for approximately 28 years in Tennessee and Michigan. He retired from the full time pastorate at Fellowship Baptist Church (Arlington, TN) in 2017. Mark also has over 45 years of retail and management experience. Mark attended East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN and graduated from Crichton College with a B.S. in Business Administration. He was called to the ministry in 1987…