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Sermons (Page 3)

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THE COST MaRK 8:34-38 Is there a cost in following Jesus? Definitely! What is the expectation or cost of following Jesus? The price is denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Jesus. To deny self means to find our ultimate purpose, pleasure, and peace in Jesus. It is giving all our rights – our total selves to Him. We have no rights – just promises and blessings. Following Jesus means living for an audience of one – Jesus Christ.…


HOW BIG DOES YOUR GOD HAVE TO BE? Mark 2:35-41 How big does God have to be before we are ready and willing to trust Him with our lives? How many times does He have to show Himself faithful? Rev. Drew Gay, the Executive Pastor of Crossroads, addresses this question in his message from Mark 2:35-41.


EVERY LIFE MATTERS Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Psalm 139:13-16, JeremIAH 1:5, Luke 1:39-42, John 10:9-10 We come together not just to celebrate the value of life, but also to protest the killing of the unborn. Over 62 million babies have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade – that is the equivalent of 17 states. Seventeen states gone – vanished – legally killed. That is what we have done in America since 1973. We raise our voices in one great call from every…


DARE TO BELIEVE GOD 1 Kings 18 Do you really believe God has the power to do what He says He can do? Do you really believe God has the power to do what He has done in the past? God wants to take the despair and weakness of His people and turn it into a demonstration of His power. We have a choice to follow Almighty God –to cast aside any idols and follow God alone or not. Divided…
Upward - Outward - Onward


UPWARD, OUTWARD, ONWARD! JEREMIAH 6:16 What is our plan for the coming year? Upward, outward, and onward! Our goal is and has always been to know Him and make Him know. As we reflect on the purpose of our unique church, we must be intentional in fulfilling what God has called us to do. We must seek the Lord as never before, be single-mindedly focused on Him, and reach out to the unchurched in the strength and power of the…

Press On

Press On PHILIPPIANS 3:12-14 Are you limping around mentally or spiritually today? Rev. Cameron O’Daniel, Minister to Students, brings a timely message from God’s Word to help you move on into the New Year with focus and purpose.


A JOSEPH PERSPECTIVE MATTHEW 1:18-25 Rev. Drew Gay, the Executive Pastor of Crossroads, brings a message of hope from the perspective of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ. The Bible refers to Joseph as a righteous man. Have you ever considered what you must have thought and felt when he learned of Mary’s condition and struggled to know the right thing to do?


THE WORD BECAME FLESH JOHN 1 From eternity past, Jesus knew that He would come to us in human form – conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. Yet, Jesus was born to die! He would die that we might LIVE! SOURCES/ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Blevins, Jim. Cooke, Tony. “Some Christmas Reminders.” Retrieved from Decker, Paul. (2002). “Touch The Forgotten.” Retrieved from . Hawkins, O.S. Hymes, R. L. Jr. Gangel, Kenneth. (1998), The Holman New Testament Commentary. B&H…


THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ISAIAH ISAIAH 7, 9, 61 Quote from R. G. Lee on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ: “Christ who in eternity rested motherless upon the Father’s bosom, and in time rested fatherless upon a woman’s bosom, clasping the Ancient of Days who has become the Infant of Days. What a descent: From the heights of glory to the depths of shame … From the wonders of heaven to the wickedness of earth … From exaltation to humiliation…


CHRISTMAS IS CRITICAL Luke 2:1-14 Why is Christmas critical? Christmas is of the greatest importance for many reasons. From this passage, Rob explains five vital reasons for its significance: (1) Christmas is a cure for panic, (2) Christmas is a cure for pessimism, (3) Christmas is for all people, (4) Christmas is very personal (God’s offer of salvation is loving that offered to each of us –individually), and (5) Christmas is about a pardon. SOURCES/ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Blevins, Jim. Hoang, Fr. Phuong.…