2024 Marriage Conference

2024 Marriage Conference


“Father, lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone.”
—“Lead Me” by Sanctus Real

Join Us for a Special One-Day Marriage Event featuring Matt Hammitt! 

You are invited to a transformative day dedicated to enhancing and enriching marriages led by Matt Hammitt, acclaimed author, and former lead singer for Sanctus Real. 

DATE: Saturday, February 10 

TIME: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM 

LOCATION: Crossroads Baptist Church 

LUNCH: Provided for registered attendees 

CHILDCARE: Please note that childcare will not be provided for the event 

Matt and his wife, Sarah, bring a wealth of real-life experiences in navigating the challenges of marriage and raising children. Through their journey, they’ve gathered invaluable insights that they’re excited to share with you. 

Register today to secure your place! There’s no charge for the conference, and lunch is provided for registered attendees. Due to the nature of the event, we regretfully cannot offer childcare services. However, we hope the free admission helps mitigate any potential childcare expenses. 

Don’t miss out—reserve your spot today and invest in your relationship! 


Matt Hammitt had performed his hit song, “Lead Me,” almost a thousand times. And every time he sang, the lyrics echoed the voices of his own family. His marriage was strained. His kids were growing up without him. Matt’s good intentions could no longer sustain his family; he needed to be a man of action. Yet even as he told his Sanctus Real bandmates that he was leaving the band to invest in his family, he wondered: Was it really possible to be present at home and still provide financially too?

Matt and Sarah Hammitt

About Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real

Matt Hammitt is a singer, songwriter, and public speaker. He is the former lead singer of the band Sanctus Real (1996 to 2016), the recipient of three Dove Awards, and a nominee for two Grammy Awards. After leaving the band, Matt joined the FamilyLife team as a keynote speaker and performer at marriage and men’s conferences across the United States, including Kirk Cameron’s Living Room Reset events. Matt and his wife, Sarah, have been featured on national television, including ABC News and The 700 Club. The couple and their four children reside in Nashville, Tenn. Learn more about Matt at his website, matthammitt.com.