Our Story

The birth of Crossroads began in December 2008 as 12 families came together to discuss and dream of what God might want to do with a group of people who felt Him leading them to return to a more simple, focused pursuit of the Lord. These families numbering 47, counting children, committed themselves to this pursuit.

The first service was held at Camp Cordova on March 15, 2009. A full Sunday School was inaugurated on May 17, 2009 and met in various buildings across the camp. We baptized in the lake and enjoyed many memories of our children running through the grounds and leading them from Sunday School, in a single file line, to the Dining Hall which was our Worship Center. We turned the white house at the camp entrance into a Preschool Department and affectionately called the office area that housed Kindergarten and 1st grade the “Bait Shop”.

Crossroads was able to stay at Camp Cordova from March 2009 through November of that year when we moved to the Cordova Community Center due to the sale of Camp Cordova. Our first service at the Cordova Community Center was Dec 6, 2009 and our last service was August 16, 2015. Our first Sunday coincided with the start of the Christmas season. The Crossroads family, led by the children “hanging the greens,” decorated this quaint building for our first Christmas as a congregation. It felt as if we had stepped back in time to the Building and Loan of Bedford Falls. Our tradition of a Christmas Eve’s Eve Service began then.

We shared the Cordova Community Center with a plethora of groups working our services and church program around a multitude of activities and groups who also rented the facility. We, however, occupied every space on this property, including the grounds. The Youth have patiently sat through Sunday School held in the gym for 6 summers including days with 100 degree heat. When the heat became unbearable, we sent them to the scariest place in the city: the basement! It had been dug out by convicts in the early 1900s, and they are convinced that there are graves hidden in those walls. They embraced the adventure every time, without complaint.

During our worship services, we have dodged hornets, swatted flies, enjoyed various sounds coming through donated speakers mounted on deer stands, and endured great fluctuations in temperature during the worship services. We served Wednesday night supper for 2 years with only a mop sink and a refrigerator. We have been most blessed! Crossroads had begun to learn that the church is not a building, but the people of God. God has always provided a way for us, and we have the abundance of memories to prove it. Of all these things and more, Jesus and His people have been the most memorable. He has been and continues to be our rich heritage.

On August 30, 2015, we were bountifully blessed by the Lord to move to our new building at 125 South Houston Levee as we continue the work to which He has called us. This building is only that – a building made of mere bricks and mortar. It is a tool, not a monument. WE are His church. It is the Church for whom Jesus died, and through His Church that He chooses to work, having placed His Spirit within us and empowering His people to accomplish what He desires. This building is premature rubble indeed and long after it has worn out, His church will still continue to march on by His leading and in His strength. We celebrate God’s goodness extended to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We give Him our deepest honor and gratitude for giving us a place from which to operate the ministries to which He has called us. It is with great humility and reverence that we occupy these seats today. It is in that same manner and with great honor that we go forth tomorrow to reach our neighbors and the nations for our Lord and Savior, JESUS!