In an effort to provide additional communication channels to Crossroads Baptist Church, we have connected with Amazon’s voice control innovation. Alexa is the voice that you talk to, and she is hosted on Echo devices, manufactured by Amazon.  More details about support, how to setup, and how to purchase are found in the FAQ section below, as well as at

Here are the basic steps to have Alexa talk to Crossroads:

  • Buy an Alexa powered device from Amazon or from a local retailer like Best Buy.
  • Setup the device (create a Amazon account, setup the device through your phone or tablet with your Amazon account).
  • You are ready to go!

To find the Crossroads skills, go to and search for “Crossroads”. For a more filtered listing, select “Alexa Skills” in the drop down.  Note that the Crossroads entries have our cross logo and the description will mention Crossroads Baptist Church in Memphis. There are two entries that you can enable, and they are explained below.

See the FAQ section below for additional assistance.

CROSSROADS NEWS (Flash Briefing)

To add Crossroads to your list of news sources, go to the Crossroads News site. You should see a picture similar to the following. Click on Enable.

Whenever you want to hear the latest Crossroads news or updates, just say “Alexa, news”, or “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing”. You will then hear the news from the sources you’ve selected, including from Crossroads.



To ask Crossroads questions, go to the Crossroads Skill page (see picture below) and click on Enable.

Once enabled, you can ask any of the following questions:

  • Alexa, open Crossroads
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads how do I get baptized
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads how do I become a member
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads how do I connect there
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads is there guest parking
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads is there a kids program
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads what time are the services
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads what’s the email of the office
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads what’s the phone number
  • Alexa, ask Crossroads what’s for dinner Wednesday

If you have additional ideas, please submit via email to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)