Hurricane Relief – September 7, 2017

In the last week or so, it seems that we have all been talking about a topic that has not been mentioned a lot in the last few years: disaster recovery.  In the wake of hurricane Harvey, and the anticipation of hurricane Irma, we’ve all come to realize that our “neighbors” are in need.

Many of you have asked how you can help in this time of national need.  The details are still working themselves out, but here are three ways you can begin to help out those affected by these storms:

(1) Pray – Intercede on behalf of Harvey’s victims and those in Irma’s path.  Our Heavenly Father is mighty and listens to the prayers of His people.

(2) Give – The cost of the relief efforts is going to be staggering.  The best way to give aid to those in need is through financial donations to relief agencies poised to best get the needed supplies to those who need them.  Organizations like the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization are a great resource to partner with.  You can donate here:

(3) Go – Disaster relief volunteers will be needed in the months and even years to come to assist with the cleanup and rebuild process.  There will be a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief training session at Bellevue Baptist Church on Friday, September 8th.  Anyone who wants to be a part of a disaster relief team has to attend a training session prior to being able to volunteer.  If you are interested in attending the training session, this link will provide the details and registration information you’ll need to attend:  After the training has been completed, we will begin scheduling trips to Texas and Florida.  Our first trip could be as early as October.

The recovery effort from Harvey and Irma won’t be over in just a few months.  This will be a process that will take years to completely rebuild from and is something that Crossroads will be  closely monitoring for ways we can minister to, and assist those in need.

Andrew McKinney
Missions & Membership Director


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