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God chose to use people to accomplish His work. Fortunately, God has empowered each believer to do His work through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in giving spiritual gifts.  Ephesians 4:16 lets us know that each and every Christian has an important part in the growth of the Body. Serving one another through the use of our gifts is not optional.

At Crossroads we believe that God put us together as a SAFE HAVEN in which to be nurtured and to grow and as a LAUNCHING PAD to reach the world with the gospel. Our passion is to know Him and make Him known. We believe the Lord calls each of us to serve Him along the line of the spiritual gifts, talents, and natural bend with which he has uniquely blessed us.

Without volunteers ministering in our church, we would not function! Each person is needed to share Jesus’s love, to nurture and help others grow, and to help reach the the world with the gospel.  God sees every ministry as important.  You are needed and we want to assist you find that special place of service that will be fun for you, match your interests, and will maximize your unique gifts in making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Crossroads KIDS Ministry


Crossroads loves kids! Treasuring our children and nurturing them in them Lord is part of our culture as a church family. The Old Testament Bible prompts us in Psalm 89:1-2 to teach the next generations about God. The New Testament demonstrates the passion and importance Jesus showed to children.

Not everyone in church is called to work with kids. If this vital area of ministry is some thing you are passionate about, please read the information below to see what you might be interested in doing and what the next step will be!

CBC Child Protection Guidelines

1. All volunteers 18 years of age and older who work in a contained classroom situation with minors (persons younger than 18 or memory impaired adults) must be screened with a criminal background check, prior to volunteering.

2. Adults who have been convicted of either sexual or physical abuse of children/youth or those who have a history of inappropriate conduct with children shall not volunteer service in any church-sponsored activity or program for minors.

3. Volunteers who work with children and youth shall observe the “two-person rule” or the “open door policy” at ALL times. The “two-person rule” requires that the volunteer and supervisors shall make every reasonable effort to avoid situations where a volunteer worker is alone with children or youth without a partner. The “open door policy” requires the door be open at all times.

4. Volunteers should be active members or constituents for 1 year prior to volunteering.

5. Background checks will be repeated every 3 years for continuing volunteers.

7. Volunteers agree that under no circumstances will they use any form of corporal punishment (spanking, choke holds, ear or hair pulling) as a means of discipline.

8. If a disciplinary event occurs the volunteer will immediately notify the staff member in charge.

9. Procedures for identifying and reporting suspected child abuse will be presented at the Annual Volunteer/Teacher Training.

The Next Step

If you have been a Crossroads’ member for at least one year, the next steps to serving with children are as  follows:

  1. Click here to download  the Ministry Volunteer Application Form.
  2. Fill out the form and return to church office. (Or scan and email to
  3. You will be emailed a link from Protect My Ministry, the company that does our background checks, for a criminal background check. This is at no cost to you and Protect My Ministry has to meet rigorous security requirements to protect any information you submit to them. Without apology, we are committed to the safety of our children. (Although you may be someone we know and trust, that will not always be the case. By law, if we do this for one volunteer, we must do it for all, showing no discrimination.)
  4. You will be contacted by Jennifer Storey.