S.W.A.T. the CBC Kids Summer Music Program

This program, for all kids who have completed grades K-6, meets on Wednesday evenings, during the summer. Last summer, under the direction of Kristen Newton, the kids learned the musical, Splash Kingdom and performed for the church at the end of the summer.  

About Splash Kingdom

splash K

Splash Kingdom is a musical design for children in which Christian truths are presented in allegorical form, helping presentation of the gospel to be clear and understandable.

Splash Kingdom is the story of a group of kids who try to gain entrance to a local water park (Splash Kingdom) only to find that they need to make reservations “personally” with the CEO, Jesus Christ. Following the text book for “Lifesaving 101”, (the Bible), they discover the “ABC’s of Salvation” and ultimately have their names added to the Book of Life, gaining entrance to Splash Kingdom (heaven).

The children learned that Jesus is the living water within us and that when we accept Him as our Savior, only then can our hearts be bubbling with joy. So as they explored the love of Jesus they also learned through scripture, music, and dance.