Crossroads is a church where nobody stands alone. Connecting people with people and the study of God’s Word are the ultimate purposes of our Sundays School classes and small-group studies. We have Sundays School groups for everyone and regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore Christ’s claims or have been a Christ-follower for a long time, we would be glad to help you find a class that is perfect for you!


We encourage all adults to get plugged in to a ministry at Crossroads as soon as possible. Through our Sunday School classes and small-group Bible studies, every adult is provided an opportunity to build key relationships that can last a lifetime. Sunday School is a place to be renewed in your faith; to realize your purpose in life; and to relate with others in a similar stage of life. We also encourage you to get involved in the incredible Bible study opportunities provided by our Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry. Learn more about our Adult Ministry.


Seeking to fulfill God’s purpose for us in our generation, we in the College and Career Ministry believe that God has called us together at this time and in this place to know Him and to make Him known.  We are made up of young adults, ages 18-27, who are in college, grad school, working or just beginning to launch our careers.  Whether it is in our daily lives or on mission working with children from Memphis to South Africa and beyond, we are to be committed to living out the gospel with our families, our friends and all those we meet. Learn more about our College and Career Ministry.


Here at Crossroads, we love others – big time. And when it comes to students, grades 7-12, this is no exception. Here, with us, you will find love, acceptance, and most importantly, Jesus. Everything that we do with students centers around Acts 2:42-47 which tells of the Fellowship of the Believers in the early church. For us, this breaks down into four main areas of focus: The Word, Prayer, Fellowship, and Missions.  Learn more about our Student Ministry.


As Pastor Rob says: “Our children are not the future of our church…they are our church now!” Children are an active part of our church, so that they know they are important, and feel the sense of ownership that they have. Crossroads Baptist does not want to complicate the family, we want to compliment it. We have programs that are intentional to maximize spiritual growth and support the family. Learn more about our Children’s Ministry.


Nothing is more important than laying a strong spiritual foundation in the early years as children form their values, morals and personalities. At Crossroads, it is our desire to create an atmosphere where your child will learn about God, Jesus, the Bible, creation, and God’s plan for him/her. We are committed to providing a place where your child will feel loved, safe, and secure. We have some very dedicated teachers in place waiting to love, teach, and encourage each child. Learn more about our Preschool Ministry.


Worship at Crossroads is more than something we do. Although expressed corporately with our voices and instruments through music, it is our heart attitude – offering all that we are body, soul, and spirit to God, recognizing His Sovereign Lordship and the value we place on Him in our lives. Worship is genuine praise from from our inner being to the heart of God. The music at Crossroads serves to direct our hearts toward the Lord in corporate worship. Learn more about music and worship at Crossroads.


Our Lord’s command, “to go and make disciples of all nations,” has reverberated in the hearts of His followers down through the centuries, and remains His mandate to believers today. That mandate is what we are all about at Crossroads. Our mission, “to know Him and make Him know,” summarizes the twofold nature of missions. We must first know Jesus personally before we can effectively share Him and disciple others. And, as we grow to know Him more fully, we will naturally grow in our desire to share Him and His love. While Crossroads is a refuge and safe haven for nurturing and strengthening believers, it is also a launch pad for those who have been nurtured to share Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the nations. Learn more about missions at Crossroads.


A Christian wedding is a sacred occasion. Crossroads Baptist Church believes a Christian wedding is more than a ceremony. It is a worship celebration uniting a man and a woman who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and are committed to living in accordance with Scriptural principles. Read more about holding your wedding at Crossroads.